Fellini’s memorial service at Cinecitta.
Fellini’s memorial service at Cinecitta.
Fellini’s memorial service at Cinecitta.

This year started out as a celebration of Federcio Fellini’s 100th birthday. Festivals were planned all over the world to screen his classic films. Concerts celebrating the memorable music that Nino Rota created for Fellini’s films were being scheduled and this very web site was launched to commemorate all of these wonderful activities…then Covid happened.

All Souls Day 1993

It was 17 years ago today, on Halloween (fittingly for this post) that Fellini left us. The news of his death touched the world, especially in Italy. …

“Murder Most Foul” [Footnotes Video]

It was so easy to take Bob Dylan for granted. As we all go through this worldwide house arrest, sitting on our sofas with one eye on our smart phones and another on the TV, I can’t help but reflect on ALL the things I took for granted. Going out to dinner, meeting with friends (in person) and hugging those we love now seems like a thing from the past. Welcome to the new “new frontier”. …

[Music video for the song “L’Italiano” with clips of Italians confronting their confinement from the Coronavirus by singing their hearts out from their windows throughout all of Rome.]

There is absolutely nothing I can say about what is going on right now in the world right now. It’s an unspeakable tragedy and I pray that we all do the right thing and heed the call so that we can get through this. We have a large family in Italy including six nieces and nephews and hundreds for cousins. …

Easter (or as my Jewish wife calls it; Sunday) is only three weeks away. And as if we already weren’t under a tremendous amount of pressure just trying to stay sane AND alive, there’s now another cleverly designed distraction thrown our way. As the “debate” rages on as to whether or not we can all be safely resurrected by this coming Easter from our well appointed tombs with wifi and smart phones and flat screen TVs, here are some statistics to consider.

As of March 25th, 2020 there have been a total of 6,157 Coronavirus deaths in Italy. …

Mayor Bill De Blasio with Billy Idol at the “War On Idling” press conference.

Puns are often derided as the lowest form of humor, but sometimes they are just so hard to resist. A big factor in judging a pun is to consider the source. If it’s coming from mom or dad there’s a good chance a rim shot will follow (the ultimate insult anyone could get after thinking they just said something punny..uh I mean funny…click here for rim shot).

I think great example of a pun we could all live without happened yesterday in New York when someone from the Mayor Di Balsio’s office had the bright idea to have Billy Idol…

Film aficionados throughout the world are celebrating the 100th anniversary of Italian director Federico Fellini’s birth this year. His hometown of Rimini will be hosting the Fellini 100: Immortal Genius exhibit, the BFI just released a stunning trailer promoting a film series of his work throughout the UK and even I have gotten into the spirit of things by launching Fellini 2020, a yearlong celebration of his life and work.

BFI’s Fellini 2020

But here’s the thing, the majority of people that I share this wonderful news with have no idea what the fuss is all about. My friends are…

Apologies to John and Yoko, but I couldn’t help by try to get a chant of “Give Impeachment A Chance” at tonights #ImpeachmentEve rally in New York City. I just wasn’t able to get any traction with it. Don’t get me wrong, there waere no shortage of catchy slogans. They were all even conveniently printed on flyers and handed out by the rally organizers. But everyone of them sounded like they could have been a Ramones songs. A big one with the crowd was;

Impeach Trump and don’t you wait!


Hey Hey, Ho Ho
Donald Trump has got to…

It was Paul Simon’s biggest solo hit and remains one of his most requested songs. It’s provocative title was one the first examples of “click bait” in pop culture and its lyrics remained unfinished…until now!

Paul Simon is one of the greatest songwriters of our generation. If he had done nothing else after his stellar career with Art Garfunkel, he still would have rightfully earned his place in the R&R Hall Of Fame. But he did forge an incredible solo career and oh what a body of work. His songs have been covered by some of the greatest singers of…

Vinnie Favale directing Danny Aiello in “Hereafter Musical”

Like everyone else of a certain age, I was deeply saddened to hear the news about Danny Aiello’s passing this morning. For me personally, it was often hard to reconcile that this legendary actor that I grew up watching on the big screen had not only become a close family friend, but was such a huge influence in my life and my career.

Danny and I formed an instant bond when we first met in 1997. CBS had just signed him to star in a new CBS drama called “Dellaventura”. One of Danny’s stipulations was that it had to be…

Vinnie Favale

Vinnie Favale is a Comedy Writer, Producer and Director. www.vinniefavale.com and www.fellini2020.com

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